Definitely Dead (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 6)

Definitely Dead - Charlaine Harris So more Sookie books. In the first one she goes down to New Orleans because a family member died (when did that happen btw, did I miss it?) She meets the Queen and there is trouble as always.In the next book she travels with the queen to a summit, but someone is out to get them all, and who can she trust? Here she has Quinn and I do like him, he has potential. I also like her new buddy Amelia. About all the shifters, well I guess they will be outed too soon. And what is up with all the things showing up in every book? Soon the Easter bunny will show up.Even if I like the mystery part I do get annoy at one thing, she always figures everything out even if there are not many clues. I guess she is the smartest chick around. There were also some historical facts that bothered me in this one.But mindless fun, easy reads, even if she get beaten up always. And Eric is still yummy. I have started to wonder how many more books there will be, you get to a certain point with all books where they can be no more. I still want more but I do wonder.As always not much to say about these books.