Shiver (Wolves of Mercy Falls Series #1)

Shiver (Wolves of Mercy Falls Series #1) - I never know with paranormal YA book, I either love them, hate or think they are ok. But this, it was better than ok., but not enough to love. The love only goes to dystopian books cos they are so freaky. But this was an excellent book. Honestly, best paranormal YA book I have read.Then there was the translation question. That can break a book, make it childish or not capture the spirit. Considering I really liked this one then it must have been a good translation, and who knows perhaps I would have liked it even more in English.This book is about Grace and Sam. Each chapter it about either one, and each chapter begins how warm or cold it is. Grace has watched the wolves ever since being rescued by one as a child. Sam has watched Grace since he was a child, or puppy. He saved her, and he longs to speak to her. But even if he is human in the summers he never gets the chance. So he watches from afar until one day when they meet, and fall in love. But a wolf and a human can not be. He only lasts for the summer.I liked that it was from both POV's. I got to hear Sam's thoughts and Grace's. There was some flashbacks and soon the story become clearer.But the best part I think was the way she created these wolves. In the summer when it's warm the can shift and become human, and when the winter and cold comes they stay as wolves. And there is nothing they can do about it, they cannot cheat it either. They must become wolves, wherever they are.Young love, puppylove, haha, I had to. They really fall for each other but then perhaps they have always loved each other. He from afar, and she has loved the wolf. The romance is by no means easy, the cold is coming, and each time he walks out it is a struggle. The fall is just around the corner, and when the book end, well then I wonder, and realise that I do want to read more. I need to know if they somehow can be together because the is a bigger and darker question on the horizon, and there can be no HEA.The wolves can be pretty brutal too, and in this book they are hunted because of an attack on a human. There is danger on both sides.Great YA really, a good paranormal werewolf romance that leaves you a bit chilly. The cold is creeping into your bones while you read.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: The Swedish cover went for the English one, and it's nice,even if it took a while to see the wolf.Reason for reading: Library bookFinal thoughts: This is a paranormal series that I do can tell you to read.