The Knife of Never Letting Go: bk. 1 (Chaos Walking)

The Knife of Never Letting Go - Patrick Ness Oh, oh, oh, ok I have found the kind of YA I like and it has to do with freaky futures! This is what I should stick with when it comes to YA.Todd lives in Prentisstown with his two guardians. All the women died after the aliens on teh planet released something that made the men hear everything. Every thought, and I mean every. Trees, dogs, flowers. There is a never ending noise. Todd lives in this, but then one day he finds something, a place of nothing. Soon he is running for his life, for in this book nothing is what it seems. I can't tell you anything more because this book sure hides its secrets well. But of course first they killed all the aliens, and Todd is the last boy since there are no women anymore. That I can tell.I read this book and never put it down, I could not stop, because the way he writes. He guards those secrets well and in the end I just read faster and faster. I can't say anything more, but wow. I do like scary worlds. And I would not want to live on this planet.This book has got some violence, not much, but some things did make me cringe. Just because it was YA, but then again it was not graphic, and it was needed to show the horror.It is not sci-fi either, I learn they got there by ship, but it was religious people fleeing the old crowded planet, so now they are simple farmers. No technology at all. It is also a strange book, sometimes he writes the noise, an entire page with nose. But it gives you an idea what it is like, and there are not many. I do like his style, and I can't wait to get my hands on book 2 because the end, again, he knows how to keep a girl on edge.What can I say, if you liked the Hunger Games then I am sure you will like this one too. Anyone can read and and enjoy it. And it sure has some suspense, and the secrets, oh the secrets. For fans of dystopian like fiction, read this.This will be one of the best books I have read this year. This sure did not disappoint me, Ness knows how to twist a tale.Book 2, The Ask and the Answer, is already out, and book 3 Monsters of Men comes out in the fall. The perfect time to start this book then.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: Sure, not pretty, but eye-catching and scary.Reason for Reading: Library BookFinal thoughts: Read it!