Wicked Lovely (Wicked Lovely Series #1)

Wicked Lovely (Wicked Lovely Series #1) - I thought the book was ok, but it stayed at ok. It was not bad, not great, well-written with a gripping story that made me go on. But afterwards it made me thinking, what if it would have been even better in English? Sometimes they just seems to simplify things in translations when it comes to childrens and youth books. I guess I will not know that and it will stay at ok.I like that this book had a darker tone and sometimes they brushed up against really dark things, those kinds of things that I don't even want to hear about in other books. But it really made this a darker story in it's way. It was a dark world when it came to humans, and it was a dark world where the fairies lived.I liked Aislinn, I could not do what she does, walk around seeing fairies and not reacting, not even when she sees something awful. As for her friend and love interest Seth, I was kind of blah on him, didn't want to see them together. He could have been made into more, now I just saw him as someone who was there but that I didn't know that much about in the end.The faeries then, the winter court was cold, I would like to know about that high court, those summer fairies were to lusty, and the dark court, well they are dark, and I want some info on them too. Keenan, him I liked, there was something to hope for. What a nice summer king, and how did he get a mother like that?! As for Donia, I liked the wolf and some things didn't add up in the end. All those girls, and why should anyone be more special in the end? As I said, they were sure lusty at that summer court.I saw that book 3 is about them again so would be fun to read that one, and book 2 is about that dark king? Sounds cool to me.This was a book that kept me reading and wondering about how it all would end, and it did surprise me in the end. She did well there, and Melissa Marr is a good author. A YA book worth reading.