Delirium  - Lauren Oliver My thoughts:I had heard the hype, I was curious, and I am happy to say that for me it totally lived up to what I had heard. This book was great.Sure it made me wonder a few times. Since you can't love any more you live in a grey bubble. Then how can marriages work, should it not make people not care if they remember to make food for the other one. And if the other person looks like a swampmonster then how can they even have sex? Since sex is not fun any more either and it's not like people want babies since they do not really care at all. Would it not be better if they just went to a doctor instead of being intimate. Because that would make more sense in a world where love and passion is illegal. You do not love your spouse that the government chooses for you, you do not love your children or particularly want them. The government tells you how many you should have. Anyway that was mostly what I wondered about.This was then the horrible world Lena lived in. It was all so normal and grey. She waited for the cure and wanted it. Love was a disease, again here I wondered, not all have the "Love symptoms", people can sure function and still be in love. Anyway, yes I when really like a book I always question it. The world was perfect in its silent horror. Mothers did not care to hug they children if they fell. Because that was bad. How anyone could grow up in that world beats me. But that is what made it so good, it all seemed to make sense. Yes love can do horrible things, and can lead to violence and now the world was better. But not really as Lena slowly finds out when she falls in love. The world is gray, boring, and love is not something you should live without. It makes you feel alive.Great world and a sad love story about two people falling in love in a world where that could get you killed.The ending then, I am just going to leave you with a omg! Conclusion: This book was amazing. I read it fast and I could not get enough. Freaky dystopia worlds are the best to read about. And now I really want book 2 and I will sure be buying it when it comes out.Of course I recommend it.Rating:I am telling you, read it.