Shadow Kiss: 3 (Vampire Academy)

Shadow Kiss - Richelle Mead You might remember that I was not that excited over the first 2 books. This one was better, but...I'll just begin.The first drama was so unnecessary and stupid. if Rose had just said what was up nothing would have happen. And the reason for not saying anything, drama over nothing. I started grinding my teeth and thinking I would be annoyed for the rest of the book. But it got better and in the end I felt this was an ok book.Rose will get to practice some when they get 6 weeks of intense guarding duty. They can't be attacked by "Strigoi" at any moment and must protect their Moroi. Everything would be fine if Rose wasn't feeling so strange and is not doing so well. Could that mean she will not be able to graduate? She can't mess this up. Then there is those feelings for Dimitri and she wants him more than ever.Yes she is an immature idiot, but I must say she (after that first idiotic first 100 pages where I wanted to slap her for being so daft) has improved. Yes I do not feel she is such an idiot, or slutty anymore. And the whole mean girls vampire vibe is gone too.Left it this romance that I just do not see. Yes I see that she wants to jump his bones but I can't feel that he wants anything really. Nope no chemistry. Also she is like 13, well in the way she acts, and he is so much more immature than his age so that puts him at..35, you get my point. It would be fine if she acted her age and he acted his age. But they do not and I get this icky feeling when he wants her. I get why she want him since he is hot.Other than those things I like Lissa and Christian and now I feel that Rose shoudl just be with Adrian, he seems to be closer to her mental age. Seeing Mia again and how nice she is, not a fan of mean girl gone good.But it was ok, some danger and some romance. And it ended with such a cliffhanger, what an evil woman. I can't wait for the next book that comes out here in August (cos not loving them enough to buy.)