Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead This is about teen vampires, and their guardians. Those are so called dhampirs, half human half vampire. There are also the strigoi, those vamps and alike that have gone over to the dark side. I read that she had borrowed these things from Romanian vampire and I liked the different mixes. That the vampires had noble families and how the dhampirs was treated sometimes. The history and those things were ok.But it does feel so very YA, teen angst, cliques, drinking, sex. Drama and more drama. Those parts just made me realise why I stopped reading YA in the first place.Rose, well she is just so so, angry, slutty, made me wonder about her self respect at times. I actually liked Lissa more, too bad we didn't see much of her. She had just more of everything. And I liked the what if she slips to the dark side angle. But yes they worked together, but I still did not like Rose.As for other characters, I did like Christian. His anti-social status, no on liking him and darkness. He was a good character. Dimitri, well he was hunky, but can't he look at girls his own age.Oh and then there was drama girl, oh sighs, the drama, too much to bare. They spent the entire book at the Academy so yes a lot of teens, and drama, and mean girls.It's not that I did not like it, no it was ok, but too much drama more me. Mean girls with vampires .Blodeuedd's Cover Corner:The girl looks to bitchy, I do not like this cove at all. Oh and she looks like Angelina Jolie, scary.Reason for reading: My own copyFinal thoughts: If you like vampires, with a bit of romance and drama then yes. It was ok.