Undead and Unwed (Betsy Taylor Series #1)

Undead and Unwed - MaryJanice Davidson Now this was light humorous paranormal romance and I do like that. Betsy did not take herself seriously and I enjoyed that. But then the cover does give it all away, light and fun.Betsy is not normal kind of heroine, she loves shoes, loves loves them! And of course is should be designer shoes. She is funny, snarky, sweet and nice. Of course I had to like Betsy, especially when she brings out the snark. She also got sidekicks who are just perfect for her. The hero, well we know it from the first time she sets her eyes on him. Sink Lair, and I got Ethan vibes. Especially from one of the first times she sees him around. Nah, I did not care for him. He is full of himself and even if he changes his ways...ok I can't make a prophecy, I might actually like him then. But the first impression is just the same that she got, jerk.The story is all about her waking up from the dead, coming to terms with that, meeting vamps, wondering why they call her queen and all in a lighthearted fashion.Did I fall for it as much as my friend who read it first did? No, but I enjoyed it none the less. And since she liked it so much that she bought more,...yes I will read more then too.Conclusion:Fluffy and fun.