Shopaholic Takes Manhattan (Shopaholic Series #2)

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan - Sophie Kinsella Rebecca Bloomwood has a great job as a financial expert on a tv morning show. But even though she earns more, now she spends more. her flatmate Suzy tries to keep check on her spending but becky is rather good at hiding things in her closet.Her boyfriend, Luke who runs a PR agency wants to start a new branch in New York, and the plan to go over to check out the town. How could Becky say no to this, because everyone knows that foreign money is just like Monopoly money. She is ready to hit the big stores in Manhattan and shop until she drops. But then the big bomb falls, and her shiny new world falls to pieces.Now I can compare the movies and the books better because the 2 first books makes up the movie. In this book there are a lot of things that are in the movie, too bad no more Finland talk :(Becky is still shopping and trying to hide how much she really spends. The debts grows again, and there is a new man at the bank and he is not happy. She also in debt to stores, and the credit cards are not happy.Becky is hilarious as usual, and she sure has problems. The foreign money is like monopoly money sure puts her in trouble. She doesn't confront her problems and buys the weirdest things like cut out letters in woods because she can't say no. She buys it all.At least she has Luke and is happy. But he is busy with his work, and I do wonder how he doesn't see that she can't stop shopping....But the book is funny, and cute. The shopping episodes are hilarious and you have to love her. I can't help it. And the book left me wanting more, and yes I am reading the 3rd book now and will start on the 4th after it.