Confessions of a Shopaholic (Shopaholic Series #1)

Confessions of a Shopaholic (Shopaholic Series #1) - I have been meaning to read this one for years, I even think i started it and wasn't that into it. But now I loved it. After I had seen the movie I knew I had to go back and read these books. By the way, the movie was funny, Isla Fisher was great and the clothes were gorgeous.Rebecca Bloomwood has a boring job at a small financial magazine. But she has plenty of trendy clothes, she lives in a fun part of London, and she has great friends. And she loves to go shopping.But her jobs doesn't give her much money, the Endwich bank has been after her for months, her Visa bills keeps on coming, and she tries to cut back. She comes up with schemes that ends up costing more than it was supposed to and she is up to her ears in bills.Then something shows up that could change it all, but give up shopping, perhaps not....I started on this book yesterday and finished it this morning. Maybe it wsn't haha out loud all the time, but it was funny, the pace was great, it made me giggle and go oh no! It also made me check out the libraries homepage for the next book, it's in tehebookmobile and I want to read it. And I suck at street names, lol, I am so gonna call my mum to figure out where on earth those streets are, and if they are near me today ;) I wanna know more about Rebeccas adventoures.If the movie made me want to go shopping than this one makes me want to hide from teh stores. It makes me fear I am a shopoholic, which I am not. Sure I love clothes, but I have this nose for 70 %, I even found something at 90 % once. While Rebecca hits the stores for 20 % or if she gets a free lipgloss with it. She buys everyhing from slippers to skinproducts to kitchen supplies. And those bills keep on coming.There is also the love interests, maybe her flatmates Scottish cousin that's a bit strange, or perhaps Luke that gives her 20 pounds for her sick grandmother. Or that is so she can get that cute scarf.It give me laughs, comical situations, and a warm hearted book about a herione that just needs that one more sweater. In certain sitations I can see myself if I didn't have that selfcontrol, and it makes me love Rebecca.If you want some fun chick-lit then check out thsi series. I will go and hunt to A shopacolic takes Manhattan