Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy - Lisa Kleypas I usually know that yes everything will be all right, but here I was unsure. I knew there would be a HEA, but would I get what I wanted? I just did not know.The beginning was slow. Yes I know we had to see her grow up in the trailer park, meet first crush Hardy who she can't forget, and get a new sister. But the whole start was moving slowly and then I realized this was more a book about her whole a certain point. Also the title seems misleading, there is no real sugar daddy. Disappointing.It's more a story about Liberty who is a strong young woman and who wants to make it on her own. She is protective of her sister, has a major crush on Hardy (which I never really got, no sparks there), and we see her grow up and start a life. Also seeing her sometimes unlucky in love, not a lot of romance in this one. Which makes me unsure what to make of the genre, it can't be contemporary romance when there is no romance.But when it picked up it picked up and I kept wishing the best for her and when the end came around I was happy.