Uglies (Uglies Trilogy, Book 1)

Uglies - Scott Westerfeld Finally a YA that made me think more than ok, this was a good book that had a depth to it. A scary new world after we have destroyed ours. It's a world where everyone gets pretty when they are 16 and then they live happily ever after. Now what is wrong with that? Well all the pretties seems to have no mind of their own, and they all have the same look in a way. It's supposed to stop people from hating each other, and that is good. But no one has a personality except from being pretty. It's not a world where I would like to live.Tally is like all the other kids, she hates being ugly, and she cannot wait for her operation. I find myself liking her, I cannot help it. She is a good heroine that does what she thinks is right. And she grows as a person through out the book, and she learns the meaning of ugly, and pretty. The she meets Shay who doesn't want to have the operation. I am rather partial to Shay. Then there is the mysterious David, the one who frees the uglies. Him I like.We learn how we destroyed the earth, oh that was creepy and made me fearful. One big accident. Because of this a new world was built, where pretty rule. I like his critique on society here. It gives the book depth and meaning. It's not just some futuristic YA book, I really understand why it became as big as it did. It's not like the other YA books I have read lately, and the subject fits the age group perfectly. I do not know if it would have worked as good with an adult theme.I do recommend this book, it will make you think, and it's nicely written. Of course I read it in Swedish so I can't say where and how the translation played in. That is made is easier or things like that. Because if this was a good book, then is sure must be better in it's original language. Westerfeld is a good author and I really want to read book 2 now. Too bad I didn't pick it up the day it came to the library. If I had only known. This one restored my hope in YA again.