Ink Exchange (Wicked Lovely Series #2)

Ink Exchange - Melissa Marr The first book was ok, nothing to write home about. This one I liked more, but only in the aspect that it was dark.First I do have to take up something. Irial and Niall is what like, 500 years old? More, less? And they do not look like a teenagers either (I am thinking of you Edward). Honestly, can't they just find a woman? Instead they lust after teenage girls. When I was younger I would have liked that, cos I would have seen myself as that teenage girl in love with some older I just look at them at semi-old dirty men who should go for someone older instead.This is then the story about Auslinn's story Leslie who is living in hell. She has experienced rape and abuse. This is a darker YA book. Because the world she then is thrown into is even darker with death and more. The dark court is a truly dark one that feeds on humans, and fairies alike. Here I got confused, was it supposed to be a love story? It is not like she wanted to be with Irial, that tattoo made her, so that whole sexual relationship they is then wrong, and I do not know what to think. She likes Niall, even if he would somehow kill her if they were together. But he does keep his dark side under control, and I wish they could be together. If I have to like someone it would be him. I'd like to like Leslie, but I do not know. And I would have liked to like Irial, but absolutely no. Nothing could be more wrong that what he is doing.Aislinn, Keenan and Seth makes a couple of appearances, and by them only Seth is still a good guy. The rest seems to, I do now know.I did like this book, because it is how fairies is supposed to be. They are not cute and sparkling. They are wicked and they steal babies, drown people and tease and kill.Then there was the end, or what am I saying. There was no ending. I hope Marr writes something up because after a book like this the ending seemed like..well like she reached the end, wasn't sure what to do and just did something. Still I will rather read this dark fairy books than cute YA vampire books. These have an edge to them. Even if this might have been a bit too dark, no happiness at all in the entire book.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: Dark and beautifulReason for reading: Library bookFinal thoughts: Dark YA with little hope in it