The Crown Tower

The Crown Tower - I have to compare, of course I do. And by comparing I do feel this book was not as strong as the Riyria revelation books. It was still a good book, but yes not as good.I also wondered how I would have felt if I had read these before the series. Cos they are prequels, so I do know what will happen. But that does not make them any less exciting. It is after all the story of how Royce and Hadrian met, and trust me, their relationship is nothing like in RR. And I should not forget that it's also Gwen's story and I must say, I even think I liked her story the most. She took charge of her life in such a good way.It also made me wanna re-read RR, cos all the things hinted at here, aww, I know those thing. I wanna read about those things again.You can read this series first, or you can read RR and read this later. Do what ever fits you the best. Because everything here is still new to me. Sure I know how everyone will end up, I just do not know how they will reach that first destination on the way there.But, it did move slow at first before it picked up. Still it had to be told that way, I guess.