Rosemary and Rue (October Daye Series #1)

Rosemary and Rue - Seanan McGuire It was one of those I can't put it down books and suddenly I have yet another series to read.It was my kind of UF, a rich setting, lots of fairy history and a heroine I liked from the start. And what a beginning, poor Toby. About Toby, I liked how she is getting caught up in the fairy world again, and these are fairies as they should be. Some nice (if you can call it that), and many nasty ones. Everyone wants something in this world. A favour for a favour. So yes I like this broken heroine.It was a nice mystery too about who killed the Countess and Toby has a lot of detective work to do if she will find the killer, before she is killed herself. Action, treachery, something is rotten in fairyland.I am not going to mention it now, but something broke me a bit and I hope Toby can sort that out. She has lost so much.A nice bunch of side characters too in this one. Devin, who I would not trust because of the way he used her when she was younger. But she has feelings since he saved her. Tybalt, oh I loved him, but then i really like cats and he is the king of cats shifters. Old friends, new friends, and the question of whom to trust.And of course me wondering who might be the romance interest *fingers crossed for my guy*.Yes I want book 2, so this is another series I recommend. Dark Uf like it should be.