Changeless (Parasol Protectorate Series #2)

Changeless (Parasol Protectorate Series #2) - First oh oh oh, the end! But ok I will not start there, so re-wind.Alexia is happily married with her husband, well as happy as those two can be, because they love to tease each other for sure. She is now quite fashionable, and people actually do speak about her. Not to mention that she is secretly the mujah in the city. But then the book starts with a bang, a missing husband, a city with no paranormals, well except those camped on her lawn, and Ivy with big news. Soon she puts her foot down and gets to the bottom of things.I kept marking pages where I found good quotes and then I gave up cos good and funny quotes were just everywhere. Everyone else was outraged, imagine the wife of an earl appearing at dinner with frizzy hair. Even in Scotland such things were simply not done.This is one of the reasons why I love this book and series. The proper manners. I kept giggling everywhere when people gasped because someone mentioned shaving or things like that. These things are one of the highlights with this book.Another reason is the witty language, that combined with my first love and the mix is just simply wonderful.Of course I do love Alexia too, she is very logical, might be the soulless part, and she loves her manners too. Even if I think she was somewhat changed now. Must be the constant nudity she sees around werewolves ;) And Conall is still mmmmm, what a werewolf!Lord Akeldama not to be forgotten, I have to love him. And he calls her the strangest things. I have fallen for Ivy, she was so much fun, and she has her romance in this book too. I wonder what happens in book 3? Carriger always has got some great side charcters.Now where was I? The book is funny, giggles promised! The language is witty, the manners are excellent. The plot is interesting, I the reader do not know who to trust or what is going on. There is romance, and hot werewolves, with a sprinkle of some very proper vampires.But then the big OMG! The ending, oh how it left me wanting more. I do confess that Carriger is very evil indeed, she made me wish I could invent a time-machine and go straight to September and buy book 3. I need book 3 this instance to find out what is gonna happen. I do warn you, it is somewhat of a cliffhanger and it will make you drool for book 3, Blameless. Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: Lovely.Reason for reading: own copy.Final thoughts: If you haven't noticed by now that I loved this book then you haven't been paying attention ;)