The Iron Daughter (Iron Fey Series #2)

The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa It was not as good as book 1, something was missing for me, but still this was a really good book. Often book 2 is a let down and this did not happen here, I was just bugged by a few things. But it still had me caught in its grip and would not let goI think most of my problem was the love triangle. It is so done, please, no more. If you love someone you love that someone, especially when you do anything for said person. You do not suddenly start thinking if you love this other guy. Why the girls do not get dumped I do not know. Is anything worth that heartbreak. How do you know she will be true in the future then? Ya heroines has commitment issues,And I do get why Ash is cold in this one, but Meghan does not seem to grasp the danger of the Winter court. Come on they might eat ya. He is playing it safe. Sure he is arrogant but still, she should get it. But then she is a bit headstrong.But still I like it, and that does not happen often with YA books like this series. Kagawa is just that good.