Magic Rises: A Kate Daniels Novel

Magic Rises -  Ilona Andrews Yay, I got the book much faster than I thought I would and I started to read at once and did not want to put it down. There was just something about the first half of the book. I went ohhhh! at one time, and then later on I giggled. The book kept trying punches my way and I was loving it and despairing.How to review book 6? I suck at these kind of things.Could Kate be more kick-ass?!Curran is awesome as always, but there were times...I was boiling inside for a reason I wont say.Aunt D!Saiman. Hugh...yes him too.Roland of course. I wonder how it all will play out.Yes the list of cool characters is long and I love them all.There is action. Cool new monsters, revelations and the perfect setting for it all.If you have not started this series you really should. And what a mess I made of the review, it's just that I am all !!!