Unlocked (The Turner Series, Book 1.5)

Unlocked (Turner, #1.6) - Courtney Milan My thoughts.This was a short novella that had so much to offer. It dealt with something that I sure have not seen a lot of in historical romances before. And yes it seems to be a part of a series but it works well as a stand alone since I do not even know where it fits in the series.The story was just wonderful and heartbreaking. Elaine was happy and sure of herself but her first season was horrible as she was being bullied and she become the eternal spinster that people made fun of, all because she sounded like a horse when she laughed. The person that started it all was Evan, he did not mean to since he actually liked her but it all went to hell, and they truly broke her down until she was a shadow of her former shelf. So yes my heart truly ached for poor Elaine as she hated the ton.But this book takes place years after when Evan comes back since he ran away so he did not have to face what he had done. He wants to make amends but Elaine does not want to trust him, and who can blame her.Could I have forgiven Evan? I do not know, he hurt her so badly and made her life hell. I am not going to say what happen but since we all know there is a HEA, I can only say that I forgave him bit by bit. He is truly heartbroken over what he done and the things he does now, well, my heart did melt.Conclusion:This was a truly wonderful novella that I do recommend to all historical romance fans. It is a look at the scene back then and how words could break someone, so much that no one wanted to touch you afterwards. If Milan always writes like this then I do want more.