Paris, My Sweet

Paris, My Sweet: A Year in the City of Light (and Dark Chocolate) - Amy Thomas My thoughts:Ereading this book made my mouth salivate and I craved macaroons and cupcakes and all things yummy. This is not a book to read on an empty stomach because Amy Thomas will make you want to eat all these sweets.Amy Thomas traveled to Paris for her job and lived there, she is a lover of all things sweet and Paris offered her this and much more. This book is about her journey in Paris, all the nice things she found and ate, and just about being a ex-at in the city of light. The book also have flashbacks of her favorite places in New York and she compares for example chocolate chip cookies there and in Paris. And how cupcakes came to Paris.It was a fun book to read and mostly because I too love sweets, and to my own horror I have never tasted a macaroon! But after this book I have to. And I really want to taste a true cupcake too. What can I say, I am going to head to the bakery or a coffee shop and taste a few things.But I do warn you all, this book is delicious! Your sweet tooth will ache from page 1. I do like bread because it can be good, but the way she described it in one scene made me want to go to Paris. But then everything she wrote about made me feel the same.Conclusion:She has quite the way with words. No photos were needed in her book as she described everything perfectly. Sweets everywhere and for everyone. Yummy!