The Governess Affair (Brothers Sinister, #0.5)

The Governess Affair (Brothers Sinister, #0.5) - Courtney Milan I kept looking at Goodreads where everyone wrote such long it just me that can't write anything long about a novella? Honestly I find it so hard, it's like my mind wants to make it shorter just cos it is a short story.Anyway, this story takes place 20 years before the next book that will start a new series. After reading the ending I did get interested in seeing how it all turns out. Especially for one character.But this book then. Hugh has such a bad reputation and for a reason, but he still is so kind and sweet, well after a while, and only to Serena. What was there not to like. She made him soften up. And Serena is so brave for not backing down, she wants that asshole Duke to pay. She had quite the backbone.Since this is a short story it's all about her not giving up and him trying to break her. But the second half is different, it is a romance after all so it will all end happily.Conclusion:A nice short story.