The Raven Prince (Princes Series #1)

The Raven Prince - Elizabeth Hoyt I was unsure about the grade but I am just gonna go all bitchy on this book. Truth be told, I sat there reading and nitpicking and never truly connected. Did it make me want to read more by this Would it make me pick up more books by her if I found them at the library, no, and that really means it should get a 2. Which is still of course an ok grade.So many things irritated me with this book. The first time Anna sees and hears Edward she thinks of one that how his voice sounds when making love? Honestly? Wtf, someone needs to get laid and fast. I doubt a prim 18th century widow would think that.Then she becomes his secretary, again, wtf is this? She is a woman! Then she dines and rides with him. Oh girl, do not talk about that your reputation might take a hit, everyone, I mean everyone would already think you are his mistress. And if they are not then something is seriously wrong with that village.The sexual tension continues *yawns*. She is also not repulsed by his scars cos he is pretty on the inside or whatever. Really? I found him to be quite the ass in the beginning. Also how they sparred at once. No no, that is not proper etiquette. You are obviously a loose woman. Why he keeps thinking of you are a virtuous saint I do not know.To the brothels! Yes she finds a note and begins to think why men gets to smex around but women don't. Hello, because that is the era you live in. Do not go all modern on me or I will kick your ass. Anyway, what does our prim heroine do, yes she talks to a whore for 2 minutes and decides to go to a brothel and have sex with Edward. What? When did this happen? I am totally lost by this plot. WHY on earth would you do that? Just lift your skirts to him in the library and have at it. Yes he would not think you all prim and proper afterwards but at least you would get laid. Pretending to be someone else behind a mask at a brothel is something that does not go through my head. You also put yourself up to be raped by strangers, sold, killed, where is your head?Of course he later finds out, duh, so we could totally have been spared the stupid brothel story, oh and I must also mention that he has a magic penis. A very magical penis that cures every womb.Let's see, anything else I can snark at....I actually liked that she took pity on the prostitute, that I liked.Oh the villains. Do not even get me started, another stupid plot that made no sense. Someone making a big deal of nothing. I could have been spared that too, it was just embarrassing and I wanted to hide behind my book.Last, I am sure all these things could have been forgiven one way or another but at the end I realized that I suffered through the book and never connected. Why would I connect to the prim widow who just thinks about sex. Or the earl who goes on and on about how ugly he is and lusts after his secretary. An easy way to fix that, try to seduce her, if that fails, pay her off. I did not feel the chemistry, I did not get why she liked him, or he her, as she was so plain. But hey she was outspoken, he must like a challenge.I fear that yes I like HR, but HR does not like me back. I keep trying and I am sure everyone thinks I love HR to pieces, but I don't. It seldom impresses me. I enjoy it, it's a good genre, good escapism in it's silliness. But great, no, not that often. Really seldom really.Would I recommend not really