Kiss of Steel

Kiss of Steel - Bec McMaster The steampunk aspect, well there was not much mention of it, except for a mechanical spider or two. The paranormal aspect, oh yes, that was there, and because of the steampunk vibes it felt much darker than usual.Honoria is hiding with her siblings in a part of London that is ruled by the mysterious Blade. The rest of London belongs to the vampire council. And they are not good guys. But then they are the rules of England. Vampire beings who keep humans as thralls to feed upon. And humans pay taxes in blood. It's a darker world. It's a good world, and interesting world to read about.Honoria is kind, too kind at times, she wants the best for her poor siblings. I liked her, I felt sorry for her, and I could respect her too. She could take back. Blade, our vampire renegade hero was, well let's just say he was alpha. Tough, and doing all to protect those within his realm. They are not a couple that should be, him bloodthirsty, and she not wanting anything to do with that world. But we all know the old story, passion is a sure thing when they meet. Even if they try to fight it. Some should just be together.An interesting world. A good couple and evil vampires that are rot in the end.