Wicked Game

Wicked Game - Jeri Smith-Ready I am feeling very uninspired to write a review right now, so I doubt I will have much to say but I will give it a go.Ok so Ciara is pretty tough and can take care of herself, she con people and take their money to pay for tuition and she didn't exactly have a normal childhood. She is studying at college and she needs a job for it, an internship at this radio station could be something. Oh yes a radio station where the djs are vampires, I do like that idea and how that have stayed in their own time period and that they do not live forever. They just loose touch with reality. I also like that they have OCD in order to keep focus on things. This is an interesting takes on vampires and I appreciate the freshness of it.Then there is Shane, the grunge vampire who falls for her. Sad thing here is that I see no future what so ever for them. He will be stuck in his time and perhaps make it a bit longer thanks to her, but still. Though there is hope so perhaps she will get that HEA. Or perhaps she will date a nice normal human, there is one. But I like Shane, he has no excuses.There is a bit of romance, there is a bit of danger since there are those big bad vampires out there that do not appreciate this gimmick.It is an easy flowing book, it feels nice to read it. Strange really since I would place it at ok, but I still read it really fast. So it is good (even if just ok for me) but I know that others would enjoy this book, and yes I would like to read the next book too. It is one of those strange ok books that I still wanna read more off. And I love a book that I can just read easily without thinking, a book that reads itself. It keeps me focused, something always happens.I also like that each chapter is the name of a song.Yup that was my not so inspiring review, but nice book, that is all I say.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner. Not liking it, mostly cos I can't see her eyes.Reason for Reading: My own bookFinal thoughts: Never anything wrong with some UF, and if book 2 would come my way I would happily read it.