Cry Wolf (Alpha and Omega Series #1)

Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs I would love to give it a 4.... I did not love it as much as the Mercy books, but I still enjoyed it.The funny thing was that it was not Charles and Anna I liked the most. Sure they were ok, poor Anna all scarred from her horrible time in an evil pack, and Charles being a good little assassin. Together they tried to find a way to be together since she had lots to work through. But here it comes, when Bran showed up now and then I forgot all about these two. I was totally crushing on the Marrok in this book. And I demand he gets a series of his own and a good woman so that he is happy and so that she is happy, cos like it is now it is just sad.So what have we learnt then, I love Bran, oh right about the book. Well it was a nice little mystery about who is going around killing in the mountains. I liked Asil, the old wolf who longs for death and there was a nice backstory.And yes do read the short story before reading this one.I will continue this series of course, Briggs rocks and Bran, now look there I go again, major crush alert.