Hunting Ground (Alpha and Omega Series #2)

Hunting Ground (Alpha and Omega Series #2) - I am feeling the loss of my reviewing mojo at the moment, I just do not feels like I have nothing to say. Like I have said it all before. Like the same old style just wont cut it anymore.Characters:Anna, I just do not know. I know she has been hurt, I know she is an omega. But even if she flashes her teeth she still feels like a little rabbit. She is so tame.Charles, no I just can't fall for him like I did with Bran *sighs* Bran, mmmm nom nom. Or like with Sam. Charles I do like, but I do not fancy him and I would not like to be his friend.Love:These two have issues, that I do like. How he tries to take it slow. As a couple I get them more. As a couple I like them.Story:The wolves are coming out and are having a summit. There were bad wolves, good wolves and the hunt to find killers. Throw in a few surprises, a few phone calls to Bran (damn it, I want more BRAN!) and you got quite an exciting story.Final verdict:The book was good and so short and easy. Just what I need as my reviewing mojo has decided to leave.