Fallen (Lauren Kate's Fallen Series #1)

Fallen - Lauren Kate This was the other book that I heard so much about last year and how so many loved it, again I wondered, and this time it proved right. This book was not that good.Luce was in a fire and her boyfriend msyteriously died, now she is at a new school filled with troubled kids and those that has done really bad things. Here she meets Daniel, this strange boy she feels like she has met before, and then there is the other guy who also likes here and so it goes on.Now why didn't I like it? Well it was really hard to get in to, I wanted to skim, but hang in there and hoping it would pick up..it didn't. Finally when I had read half the book something started to happening and I thought yes! Fallen angels and paranormal stuff! Sadly I was mistaken, it was this climax that ended in nothing. So I started reading again hoping for some paranormal stuff. Nope. Instead there was Luce stalking Daniel, hanging out with friends and meeting this other guy. Then finally, finally at the end some paranormal stuff happened and I hoped to get some answers, short answer..no. I learnt that there are fallen angels, well yeah, I read the back cover. And that there is reincarnation, yes I kind of guessed that in the beginning too. So in the end nothing at all was explained and it left me really frustrated. I had wanted some more paranormal action and explanations.No to my other objection that I have seen around. This is a school where some kids are dangerous and wears tracking bracelets. But everyone sneaks around, Luce goes swimming with Daniel who she doesn't know. They seem to do what ever they want. There is no security, well ok those cameras, but it's doesn't feel like anyone is actually watching the tape. It's just like any other boarding school.This one felt too drama and teen for me in the end. I wanted explanations, I wanted something to happen, but there was nothing. People can like this one even if I didn't. It does have star crossed lovers and the eternal love triangle so some will go for that. But for me it was lacking. And it could have been awesome. Perhaps the next one has something more in it.