Tempest Rising (Jane True Series #1)

Tempest Rising - Nicole Peeler I was a bit torn between if I liked it or if I really liked it, but I think my reaction at the end sealed it for a really liked it. I finished the last sentence and just said NO out loud cos I wanted more at once.Again I am wondering a bit about genres, yes it's UF, but she does kiss that vampire a lot. So let's just make it a UF PNR combined with a good dose of humor.Jane lives in a shitty little town, ok so it's not shitty but most of the townspeople avoid her like the plague or say bitchy things to her. I really do not know how she suffered through that, all cos of something that happened when she was younger. Which we learn about and that just makes me more sad. The poor girl should have some fun because I like her. She is fun, nice and puts up with so much from the shitty town.In comes hotty vampire Ryu. Sure I liked him too, but his job, his loyalty. Is she really first in his mind? Even as I liked him and high fived her for having fun there was someone else I thought could be fun too... ;)The world in this one is hidden from humans. Lots of things live among us and not even Jane knew about them all until one horrible day. So many creatures, one I should google if I remember. I do like the mix of things.As for the story it's all about Jane learning more and the hunt for something... and getting busy with a certain hot vampire. All in all making it a fun story and one that I enjoyed.So yes I would recommend this series and I hope book 2 will be good too.