Shadow Reader, The (Shadow Reader Novel)

The Shadow Reader - Sandy Williams I did like the book, there is a reason why is not getting an ok grade. And that is the world in general. I like the idea of it all, but I fear I had higher hopes and i got disappointed.Why was this? I have spent some time thinking (and I never think when i review) and here reason is simple, McKenzie. Look at her all kick-ass with a katana and, oh wait, she has no katana, she was certainly not kick-ass. She was a sheep. She did what people told her and she never questioned it. She let a man string her along since she was 16. She never fought in this book, she was meak. She was not even a damsell in distress, she was more a shadow of something. A follower.Ok so would I have questioned things? Perhaps not, but 10 years is a long time to believe what others tell you, Fae who will not even let you learn their language. A man who tells you it's forbidden for Fae to be with humans. Did she believe all those "bad" Fae she hunted down was put in prison? Come on, that is just stupid, of course they would be killed and tortured. In this book she learns that other Fae tells their children if they are not good then she will come and get them. And she never knew this? So yes her sheep tendencies irritated me.The men then, of course the rebel leader fall for her like at once. Does she? Did not feel it. And why did he fall when she was such a sheap? And then we have the guy who has strung her along since she was a kid, first, bad Fae! Still him I got, he was conflicted and all. But why she did not give up that I do not get. She got nothing from the relationship..not even sex.Now I have spent paragraphs dissing her, but the book was still good. I enjoyed how the rebels fought the King. Learning more about the Fae world (would have wanted more). It was interesting and it was times the storytelling felt a bit disconnected. Like I was hearing it from afar. Something still made this book good so that it gets a good grade but, the line was pretty thin between I liked it and it was ok. I might just be having a good day today.Edit.Nope it bugged me so made it a ok grade instead