The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook

The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook: Eddie will do whatever it takes to become her Mr. Right - Matt Dunn Ok for, my chick-lit for men thing, well, I mean it has the way of chick-lit, but it's from a male POV, and instead of all that romance there is more humour. Something for women to enjoy and also a book that men will like.Plot:One day Edward comes home and his girlfriend has left for Tibet. She has left a note telling him that he has left himself go so he starts this journey to improve his looks, his job, his life, in hope to get her back when she comes home from Tibet.My thoughts:I do chick-lit and this is the male equivalent I guess. It was funny and I enjoyed it. Edward, or cuddly Teddy is such a sweet guy and I feel for him at once. Sure he could have worked on his relationship but still just because he has changed is not an excuse to dump him. Of course after this ordeal he is even more of a keeper. He does see that his job is going nowhere, that he really should loose a few pounds, and that he could learn how to dress better.His accomplish in all this is his friend Dan, a playboy and he thinks he is a gift to women. But it is fun to see him try to get Edward to get on with his life, and Edward does learn how not to deal with women. Aww, I liked that he saw that Dan's way is not his way. Other big players are his nymphomaniac boss, the waitress at the pub who gives him advice, and his personal trainer. A good little cast that all sees things from different perspectives.The book was funny and I could see it was written by a male because sometimes when they explained things to Edward they did it in this storylike fashion, I mean like explaining the art of the first date in football terms and how the games goes. That was not used but you get the idea. I found it very amusing.Recommendation and final thoughts:It was a fun book, I do like humour, and kept wondering what Edward would do in the end, get his ex back or find another, better woman. A woman who loved him for himself. I think I am gonna give this one 3,50 because it was fun and easy to read, but the best part that both and women could really enjoy this one.Reason for reading:Lol, there was a quote from Sophie Kinsella on the cover