A Lot Like Love (FBI/US Attorney Series #2)

A Lot like Love - Julie James My thoughts:This was my first Julie James book and it will not be my last, because this was a good contemporary romance with a bit of suspense on the side.The heroine here is Jordan, the daughter of a billionaire. But she is no spoiled princess, no her dad told her to work and make her own money and so she did. She can stand on her own feet, she is smart, and what was there not to like. Then there is Nick, a FBI agent who spends most of his time undercover and never makes any promises to women. Not to mention that these two are from two different social classes. But put together to play a couple and you know things will happen.I do like a couple that can't stand each other at first. She is irritated by him, and he thinks she is a silly socialite. But they get to know each other, they get attracted by each other, and then comes love. A nice romance and a couple you can root for.I also liked the suspense part. It was not a lot but it was there. What would happen to her brother Kyle in jail? Would they catch the guy laundering money for the mob? And then at the end the tension was building up and something was about to happen...Throughout the book I hoped that her brother Kyle would get a book, and I did get very happy at the end when it said that he would. That is one book I am looking forward too, and of course reading more Julie James.Conclusion:A good contemporary romance that kept me reading. I enjoyed the book, I liked the couple, and at the end I knew that I wanted to read more books by her.Rating:Kept me reading