The Thief (The Queen's Thief Series #1)

The Thief (The Queen's Thief Series #1) - I had been hearing a lot about this and I was so curious so I told..ok asked the library to get it, and they did. I do have a great library sometimes. Not when it comes to buying books, but when it comes to listening to their costumers and getting the books they ask for.Anyway, YA fantasy. One thing bothered me though, not knowing how old people were. First I thought Gen was a little kid and now, well in his teens. But it still bugs me not knowing, I am just too curious. But then he is a mystery and it's meant to be like that. We meet Gen in prison, he says he is the best thief ever. He is good, i will give him that, but what made him be so foolish? We do learn later on. He is not afraid of anything or speaking his mind and I like the little thief.Together with the Magus, and 2 boys/young men? they set out on a journey to steal something. Poor Gen, one would think they would treat him better. Still something grows. I can't dislike all of them. This whole book is about the journey and the theft and in between are stories they tell by the fire. And I loved those, learning about the mythology was wonderful and a real treat.But the end, oh the end was the best. There the book surprised me and made me want the next one. It was well done and as the library has the 3 books that follow I will sure read those.Conclusion:Enjoyable with a great ending.