Promise of Blood (Powder Mage Trilogy #1)

Promise of Blood - Brian  McClellan I can never do good fantasy justice. You know how I ramble on. The book was good, the book was excellent. What more is there truly to say? If you like fantasy I will definitely recommend it.But I will try.Fantasy and guns. I have come across it before and thought it was cool, and yes it was still cool cos it is different. On top of that we have an interesting magic system where some snort in gun powder and get more powerful. Gotta love that idea. But the ones with a different power do not like the powder mages. Good start for drama.As for the premise think the French Revolution. Down with the king and nobles and send them to the guillotine. Just add in magic and Gods.The book had me hooked from page 1. The story was good and the characters fascinating. Tamas who orchestrated the whole thing to save his country from a neighboring one. Adamat, a former police officer who is sent to find some answers. Taniel who is know to have killed Privileged (those with great powers). Then we have others like a young woman trying to protect a boy from a noble family, another woman who wreaks havoc in the city after the fall, and others who I grew to like.The book kept up a good pace and at the end I needed more. Because more is sure to come. I like where he left it. Enough to want more, but not ending with a horrible cliffhanger.So like I said I recommend it. And book 2 is coming out in February, so glad that there is not a long wait.