The Most Improper Miss Sophie Valentine

The Most Improper Miss Sophie Valentine - Jayne Fresina Sophie was sure a different sort of heroine and even if she regretted it later, I sure loved that she placed an add for a man in a paper. She had spirit.Sophie is turning 30 soon, she has an annoying sister-in-law, she has a scar which other young lady says ruins her, and she caused a great scandal when young so now she is rotting away. She tries to be proper but a hussy is hiding inside of her, though she wont let her wild side free. She also climbs trees, and I liked that, cos hey I loved trees. So if she want to hide in one then you go girl. I just liked her because she was real to me. And I liked to see her find that wild side again.The romance then, yes a man shows up. A man who has wanted her for quite some time. A man who does not take no for an answer, a man who is totally wrong for her (class and more), but a man who makes her heart soar. And I do love a man who does not give up, he wanted her, and for all the right reasons.Then we have a cool aunt, the tiresome sister in law, Sophie's idiot brother, and, well more. I'll leave it at that.I guess I should have been annoyed at a few places, you know me and my suddenly prudish historical romance side but here I just said, you go for it girl! ;)Conclusion:A cute and fun romance that turned passionate, very passionate.