The Hero of Ages (Mistborn Series #3)

The Hero of Ages  - Brandon Sanderson I actually liked this one best of all the three books (I think), but I still gave it the worst grade since I hated the end. I closed the book, thoughts wtf!? and regretted having read the series at all. It really clouded my thoughts and I can only think about how I wish I had not read the books. Anyway, they (that is Vin) fucked up and released a God that wants to destroy a world. The ash is falling faster, the Kolloss wants to kill everyone, Mists are killing and everything is coming to an end.Vin is doing what she always do, working her magic and jumping around (still not like her), Elend who is a Mistborn now too is trying to save the few he can (him I like even more).This book has more action and a lots of no way! moments. Pieces are falling together and a lot of secrets are being told. About the world Lord Ruler created 1000 years ago, and the two Gods that created it all. Those aspects I really enjoyed, so well done.Then came the end, first wtf!? and then, way to sweet how everything falls into place.So should you read the books....perhaps, but I do warn you, you might get the same wtf! moment I did and regret having read them at all. Arghhhh I hate endings like that!!!