Divergent (Divergent Series #1)

Divergent - Veronica Roth Another book that was really hyped about. Sure it was good, but was it mind blowing in any way? Nope. The only good thing was a compelling story that I read fast.Will I still go all snarky on it? Oh yes. No amount of good will save this book. Sure I am pissed that book 2 is borrowed since I would want to read it at once, but I have the flu and I wanna tear something apart.The world building was not good. I need more people! This was not enough. The entire system of factions was beyond stupid. I did not fit a single one, humans are not such simple creatures. And this would stop war and shit? Ha! Humans are not that simple. So the factions and the world was a fail. Dauntless, oh do not even get me started on those idiots. Brave equals stupid it seems. And the whole system also throws away people, now how is that a better world? Why have factions at all? And of course there are divergents cos as I said, humans are not simple.The heroine Tris is of course the savior of mankind, a weak little girl that is not in fact weak but rises the challenge. Ok I did like her even if she was a little too good for her own good. Then there is a love interest and I am happy to see no triangle, but hey this is book 1 so that might happen still (I sure hope not).But in the end, like I said,a compelling story that made me want more. But an epic dystopian masterpiece? No. For that I need to question society, and here that was way too simple do to. Anyway, all things said, I do want to know what happens next. But with my luck it will entirely suck as all part 2 of every freaking dystopia series I have read have done