Phoenix Rising (Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Series #1)

Phoenix Rising - Philippa Ballantine, Tee Morris I had hoped to like this one more, sure it was good and all, but you know, those hopes ones have. First it looks so cool and it sounds so good too.Eliza was a good kick-ass heroine who liked explosives and sometimes acted a bit too soon. While her new partner in crime, Books was a the nerdy guy from the cellar who does not act and who would rather read books. Oh yes what a couple. He is also upper class, while she is from the colonies (though he is a decent fellow). Together they made a good miss matched couple.There is action, mystery and strange things going on. The steampunk angle was there, though in a different way. She had her guns, there was talk about machines, but it was never really out there. Perhaps I had wanted a bit more.It did fail to catch my attention a few times, and I just do not know why. I liked them, I liked the banter, I liked the sparkle of true English phrases, but it never got my heart. Still it was a nice addition to the genre.I do wonder why she is dressed like that on the cover though, she prefers pants and not looking like a streetwalker.