The Eye of the World (Wheel of Time Series #1)

The Eye of the World - Robert Jordan Edit: Jan 2012I am re'reading these books for my WOT challenge and just like so many times before I loved the book. I know it by heart now because I have read it so many times before.I love Rand and what he is to become, he will always be my fav. His and Mat's journey in this book is my part and of course when he meets the queen. Gotta love that part and how everyone tells him that he looks like something. Awww, to read that the first time around.When the book ended I wanted to pick up the next one at once. That is how good this series is, even though I have also re-read book 2 a bunch of times. But I wanted to know what is going to happen...even though I already knew. There is magic in this series, a nostalgic longing grips me every time.-.------------June2010I got the urge to re-read, and when that happen you have to follow. I love this series, and I have read this book a lot of times.Rand al`Thor lives in a little village and is looking forward to the coming of spring. But the village is attacked by Trollocs, something that they only thought lived in myths. A woman who turns out to be an Aes Sedai singles out him and two of his friends, Matrim Cauthon and Perrin Aybara. The trollocs are after them so they flee together with the Aes Sedai, her warder, a gleeman, and Egwene who also wants adventure. Soon they all will face more things than they ever thoguht was possible, and they will find out who the trollocs and the Dark One wants, and why. The world will never be the same. "We rode on the winds of the rising storm,We ran to the sounds of the thunder.We danced among the lightning bolts,and tore the world asunder."I am not gonna go on for long because I have read it too many times. But I love this concept, normal countryboys finding that they are a part of something big. A big bad hero, monsters, magic and a quest for good. A world falling apart, political intrigues and big wars. This kind of epic fantasy is always going to be the fantasy that is closest to my heart, and it will always be the kind I love the most.And in this one we see the beginning of the quest, all the boys change, Egwene and Nynavene finds their own destinies, and the world is showed before us. And what a world it is.