The Restorer

The Restorer - Amanda Stevens I really do not understand how I rate. Here I wondered if I should give it a 3 or 4. It was good, a compelling story, chilling feelings, and great writing, still I felt unsure. But the good writing tips it over to a 4 this time.I do not really know how to classify this one, southern Gothic mystery? With a touch of romance and yes of course paranormal. I like the mix, I like how it stands out.Amelia can see ghosts, but she must NEVER let the ghosts know. Which gives the whole book an eerie feeling. Ghosts are present a lot, but she can't acknowledge them. That would open the door to unknown dangers. Not to mention that ghosts here are not kind. They suck the life force out from those they haunt. It did make me look over my shoulder. I hope no ghosts are around me, looking over my shoulder.There is also that hint of romance, just a hint as it can not happen. I shall not say why. But the pull of passion is there and I wonder...The mystery is good. A body in the cemetery where Amelia is working, dark dealings going on and in comes Devlin, the officer who tries to solve the crime. All while those ghosts are there. And the setting is of course perfect for this.A book that made me want more.