Fate's Edge (Edge Series #3)

Fate's Edge (Edge Series #3) - Did I ever like book 2 or 3 as much as book 1? Well..no, but they were still good. There was just something about book 1, it was so new and fresh. I also must confess that I do not remember Kaldar from book 2..was he there? I did remember his cousin Gaston, the frog guy, but not Kaldar. Sorry Kaldar.Anyway in this book Kaldar, who I could not remember is working for the Mirror in the Weird. While in The Broken Audrey Callahan tries to go legit. Not easy with a family like hers. Their roads will cross, and after some fighting they will fall in love (what else would you expect).All while running around in the Broken and in the Edge. Ok first if you are new to this. The Broken is where we non magic peeps live. The Weird is the alternate earth that instead of going all technology went the way of magic and is pretty old school. The Edge are those areas in between where people with magic live. They are mostly trash, cast out off The Weird, looked down upon. Some goes to the Broken but most stay as they have too much magic to make it out alive. I know the Weird people are such asses, but still I like their world of magic and castles. And do not mess with the Edgers, cos they will cut you down, and then steal your shoes. The world is really cool.I did not always feel the passion brewing, I can't say why. It was more that it had to happen.What I did like was that George and Jack were in it, the kids from book 1. Kids in books are not always that a good idea, but here it works well and I hope they will grow up and have stories of their own one day. Necromancer George and changeling Jack. They made it more fun somehow cos Audrey was pretty serious and Kaldar focused.I wonder what book 4 is about.....Kaldar's brother? Oh, another one I forgot about? Sheesh, I fear those brothers are forgettable.Conclusion:I enjoyed it. I still wish it was as awesome as book 1, but hey you can't have it all.