The Queen of Attolia (The Queen's Thief Series #2)

The Queen of Attolia - Megan Whalen Turner At the moment I can't remember why something bothered me in book 1..did something bother me * checking review* Aha it was not knowing how old Gen was, well that does still bother me but not as much. But closer do the second half it did bother me again, I honestly want to know if he is a boy or a man? 13 or 18? What is he?Anyway, I think I liked the book more than the last because it's something with the way she writes. A flow of words, a certain ease and way to it that makes it more than fiction.I also learnt more about the state of affairs in the world and war is still coming. Not to mention the shocking beginning at the start of the book. She had me shaking my head in disbelief. The first half is darker but it gets lighter and it was heartbreaking.It made me wonder how book 3 will be and I hope to read it soon and see how Gen is doing and...hihi, no spoilers from me. But I am sure curious.