Broken (Women of the Otherworld Series #6)

Broken - Kelley Armstrong This is the 3rd book that has Elena as it's main character, and of Armstrong's Women of the Underworld, Elena is the one I want to read about. I have read one other book, but no, I want my werewolves.In this one Xavier, a half demon calls her up for a favor she owes him. She is very pregnant, scared for her babies when she transforms, but still, one last little trip and hunt couldn't hurt. Things goes well, until something goes terribly wrong and they have no idea why. Together with the Alpha of the pack, Jeremy, and Clay she starts hunting zombies, and worrying that she has let out jack the Ripper. Help is needed and they call in Nick and Anthony. But things are just getting worse. Zombies, killer rats, and a crazed murderer. Toronto stands helpless.New to this book is Zoe, a vampire, and I kind of like her. We also meet Jaime (again?) hard to tell since I skipped the 2 books in between. But I do know Jaime since I read her book. The book that made me think I should stick with my werewolves. I guess I wasn't to into her raising the dead.This book wasn't as good as the first, oh how I loved Bitten, it was my first paranormal and I was smitten. But it was better than the 2nd, Stolen (but that one had a lack of Clay). Cos what these books do need is Clay, big strong, and a something psychotic. Haha, yup everyone says so and he has done things in the past. That shrine in book 1, a man have to be a bit crazy sometimes. Even if he is not the alpha, he is sure an alpha male(wolf). They have great chemistry, and I just love the together. And in this one they are expecting, you have to love that. The big bad wolf is settling down. Not so psycho anymore perhaps. That is sure why i like her books, Elena and Clay.But honestly, what is up me being harassed by zombies everywhere I turn? Then again zombies are hot..not that way, gross. They are just in, even if this book came out in 2006. The zombies do play their part, when they are not rotting, falling apart and getting killed. Who needs evil masterminds when there are zombies. And don't get me starting on killer rats, you have to discover those for yourself.This book has it's fair share of action, and mysteries, and some sweet love between Elena and Clay. The side characters are great, I just love Nick together with them, Zoe is cool, and I do like Jeremy and Jaime, ack the tension.Now.. now I want to read Frostbitten, getting an early copy of that book, what a dream. Clay and Elena in Alaska, bring it on ;)