Hell on Wheels (Black Knights Inc.)

Hell on Wheels - Julie Ann Walker I have to start this review with a quote, because while reading I kept think The Expendables and that is exactly what the heroine later asks."..And yeah, we're the Expendables. just younger, better looking, with cooler bikes and real bullets."Yes that did not go by well, lol.To the book, Ali is the sweet kindergarten teacher. And she does want Nate to see her as more than that. She tries her best. While the hero Nate does his best to keep his distance. Sighs, men are such idiots. She likes him, he likes her, he stays away cos of a promise to her brother. All brothers would say that. But hey we need the drama as these two dance around each other and keeps on sending mixed signals.But this is romantic suspense after all and there sure is that too in it. Someone is after Ali. Why? That is for the Knights to find out and to protect her. Bullets will fly.There is also a secondary story as we see the tension between another couple and that will lead up to book 2. Which seems to be another good one.A thrilling ride with a couple who wants each other so much.