Slave to Sensation (Psy-Changeling Series #1)

Slave to Sensation - Nalini Singh I read a short story by Nalini Singh in the book The Magical Christmas Cat, and I just knew that I wanted to read more about these changelings, because they were just so cute, and rough. But first a friend of mine read it, and let's just quote her first. LOVE. Yes she found a new series, and stalked Nalini Singh's website, and bought the rest of the series, even before I read book 1. So ok I did not go that crazy but I still really liked this book.This is a world where humans, The Psy and changelings live side by side. Psy rule the business world, and have a hand in most things. The changelings live close to nature, and the Psy do not think much about them. The changelings are too animal, while the Psy have no feelings at all, no love, no hate, just cold logic. Except for Sascha Duncan who finds herself breaking down, espeically when she is ding business with hot changeling Alpha Lucas Hunter. He is hunting a serial killer, and soon enough hunting her too, but in another way.The Psy is just scary, no feelings, and the do not even have sex, because why bother when they feel nothing, and it is so icky too, all sweaty, and with fluids. And then do not eat nice things either. Would suck to be them, but then again they do not know what they are missing.The changelings are my favourite, they are sweet, but brutal at the same time. There was this scene with two cubs and my heart just broke from cuteness. And this whole skin privileges thing, yes I liked that.I like the future world that Singh has created. It feels real, it feels scary, and still there is magic in it all. Because there is still hope and love around. And it is a strange world, in one corner there is the Cold Psy, and in the other the animal-like, and sometimes brutal Changelings.I liked the chemistry between these two characters. Sascha is slowly falling more and more in to big pit of feelings, and she thinks that her mind is going insane. But at the same time she needs Lucas, if only for a few days. And he is all alpha and protective, but at the same time such a big sweet panther.There is passion, and romance, heartbreaking love. There is the thrill of the hunt(though I did pretty easily figure out who the killer was.), and the tick of the clock as the wolves prepare to attack the Psy to get back at them for taking one of their own. If the killer can't be found, there will be a bloodbath.I enjoyed the story, I loved the characters, I adored those cute cubs, and I do want to read more from Singh. Here is to hoping my friend reads fast.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: Very paranormal romance, ok I guess, I mean it is not bad.Reason for reading: Own bookFinal thoughts: When the cats play you better play with them, or you will regret it.