Magic Slays (Kate Daniels Series #5)

Magic Slays -  Ilona Andrews And again I face the same problem as before, how to review the 5th book in a series. I have said everything already.Kate kicks ass, duh, no surprise there because she is cool and yet vulnerable too. I like her origin and I keep wondering about the big show-down when she meets daddy dearest. I like how she even fights with Curran, because they are not a couple who should sit and stare lovingly into each others eyes.Curran then, well he is the beast lord and I do like his jealous side. He must go a bit weird sometimes and as I said before they fit so well together.Great evil guys, I hated them so much. I wish I could have gone there myself to kick some ass.The world is great, this I knew from the beginning. A world turned upside down when magic comes back and eats technology.A great book 5 and I want more. Which means Andrea's book and then one day the 6th Kate book. I can't wait. What I also like is that there are no cliffies. Yes bad things will come, but that is one day and for now everything is good.Conclusion:Recommended!