Lover Avenged (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 7)

Lover Avenged - J.R. Ward To be honest, ok the first 4 were nice, and I loved book 3. But then came V's book, and the love there felt clinical, and the ending still sucks. Phury and Cormia were the dullest pair ever, and I more or less slept through that book. Then comes this book and she got my attention least half of it.Perhaps I am just sick and tired of vampires, but I am gonna go in to negative mode, don't get me wrong, cos I did enjoy this book.My friend complained that none of the women likes to wear make-up, Ward goes on and on how they are plain but still pretty to the brothers. Yes that annoys me now too. They dress dull too..why? I like pretty things. I am also rather tired of hearing that they are big like houses, honestly that does not turn me on. I don't want a guy who could crush me if he fell on me.Ok, this book, loved the Rhev part, mmm, Rhev is nice. Even if it is totally gross what he is doing with the sympath princess!! Yes I feel bad for me for being nothing less than a male whore for 25 years. It is that saving instinct that comes up. Ehlena, well she was ok, I am glad he found someone nice. Even if it felt rather abrupt.The boring parts, there was something about lessers, I can't tell since I skimmed it. Jumped many of the Wrath parts too, he took up half the book. Not enough Z, Phury is still with those boring Chosen, some of freaky Jane and V, ok their sexlife, do not wanna know. For some reason I started to like Rhage and Marissa. Thor is back, JM is still hang up on Xhex and I like it. Lass, well he seemed interesting first but dunno any more. Saw that prostitute that is in Covet.What is it about then? Lessers and Lash are being naughty. Some vamps wants Wrath dead. Rhev have to hide his sympath side and falls for a nice girl The princess is unhappy, and Wrath is blind. Yup that sums it up.It sounds like I hated it right? I didn't. I really enjoyed the Rhev parts, but only those.Oh and I read that some complained that there wasn't enough sex, and it was actually less sex that usual. I am not complaining, I want some kick-assing anyway, which there wasn't much of either.Almost forgot, Ward writing things like niiiiiiiice and stuff like that...annnnnnnnoying.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner. You can see the color of his eyes on the cover :)Reason for Reading: Borrowed itFinal thoughts: For the fans yes, for the rest, read book 1 and start there.