Hunted by the Others

Hunted By The Others - Jess Haines I liked this world and Shiarra because she was actually scared and careful around Others. Not racist, just very careful. And that makes sense, because of vampires, werewolves and mages suddenly came out then yes I would be scared too. And perhaps not mix with them when they can tear my head off.Shiarra is a PI who takes a case she does not want to take. But somebody has to pay the bills. She knows better than to mix with mages and vampires. She is tough, but with a good head on her shoulder and she knows this case will likely kill her. And I do like that and that she tries everything to get out of a bad situation. She is a worthy kick-ass woman.The story is about her trying to get an artifact, staying away from mean vampire Royce and just generally staying alive and kicking some ass later on. Since the person holding the artefact does not want to give it up.The men then. She has an ex who turned out to be a werewolf so Chaz is in the doghouse now so to speak. Then there is charismatic and scary Alec Royce but evil vampires are so not for her, well we will see about that. The thing is that every sane person knows not to get involved with Others because they make you sign a contract. This is to protect humans but in that end that contract is way scarier cos in case of a violent death they can't be prosecuted. I liked Shirra and her PI partner Sara, I liked Arnold who shows up later and I sure liked Royce. The only one I am a bit on the fence about is Chaz. Nothing wrong with him but it was mostly because of the crowd of posers he was with. At the end the scariest thing in this book was the White Hats, creepy racists peeps scare the hell out of me. Conclusion:A good start to a new series. There is plenty of action and as for the romance, you know I can't tell you. A good book that I recommend. There is also this fun vibe over the book that I enjoyed.rating:Good