Love Bites: The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2 (Mammoth Books)

The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2: Love Bites - Ann Aguirre, Devon Monk,  Jennifer Ashley, Nancy Holder, Jaye Wells, Angie Fox, Dina James, Stacia Kane, Jamie Leigh Hansen, Caitlin Kittredge, Tiffany Trent, Larissa Ione, Deborah Cooke, Trisha Telep, Patti O'Shea, Camille Bacon-Smith, Karen MacInerney, Jennifer St. Gile 1. Jordan Summers - "Paris After Dark" - I can't remember, did i enjoy this, or was I just bored by it?2. Deborah Cooke - "Coven of Mercy" - I was a bit bored at first but the the tone changed and it became interesting.3. Karen MacInerney - "Le Cirque de la Nuit" Nah, wasn't that into it.4. Caitlin Kittredge - "Perdition" Not for me either.5. Dina James - "Deliver Us From Evil" - Ok6. Camille Bacon-Smith - "Blood and Thyme" - Nah.7. Rosemary Laurey - "Into the Mist For Ever" - Liked it. A Roman soldier in England falls for a mysterious woman.8. Patti O'shea - "Blood Feud" - Ok9. Angie Fox - "Love Bites" Haha, good one! A vampire princess wants out of the castle and participates in a dating show.10. Caitlin R Kiernan -"Flotsam"Strange story, but she is a good writer. A vampire sleeping at the bottom of the ocean comes up to feed.11. Jamie Leigh Hansen - "The Murder King's Woman" - This one was good. A vampire is held hostage and the girl he rescued who is now a woman saves his life.12. Carole Nelson Douglas - "Butterfly Kiss" -- This one had promise.13. Diane Whiteside - "Crimson Kisses"A woman has a lover but her father refuses to let her marry. I liked this one.14. Jaye Wells -"Vampsploitation" -- Can't remember anything. 15. Stacia Kane - "Trust Me" - A woman falls for a guy she thinks is Jack the Ripper, it was steamy too.16. Jennifer Ashley - "The Scotsman and the Vamp" -- Cute, and a bit funny.17. Justine Musk - "I need More You" - Didn't get it. 18. Jennifer St Giles -"Point of No Return" - This one I liked, a woman who falls for a statue and the vampire watching in the shadows.19. Dawn Cook (aka Kim Harrison) - "With Friends Like These" - Ok.20. Nancy Holder - "Blood Gothic" reprinted story - Freaky story, I liked it.A woman wants a vampire lover, but does she get one?21. Larissa Ione - "Eternity Embraced" - a Demonica short - Ok.22. Jeanne C Stein - "The Ghost of Leadville" - Another western about Doc Holliday, no didn't care this time around either.23. Tiffany Trent - "The Vampire, the Witch and the Yenko" - Ok I guess.24. Ann Aguirre - "Circle Unbroken" - Not impressed at first but then it got to me.25. Devon Monk - "Skein of Sunlight" -I do not remember anything from this one.Some had promise, some were fun, some ok, and some I can't even remember anymore. I do think there were too many vampires, too many stories. This anthology is for vampire lovers, I liked the mammoth book of PR more since that one had all sorts of creatures. Not to mention that I honestly am not a huge short story fan. From this I could think of reading more by Rosemary laurey, Diane Whiteside Stacia Kane ,Jennifer Ashley, Jennifer St Giles, Nancy Holderand and Jamie Leigh Hansen. They are all nwe to me.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: I like it.Reason for Reading: Library bookFinal thoughts: For you vampire lovers.