Strange Neighbors

Strange Neighbors - Ashlyn Chase Merry wants independence. She is 25 and have been living with her dad and brother all her life. She wants a bit of Sex and the city, and she has found the perfect flat to start her new life in. At once she catches the eye of the landlord, a certain hunky baseball player named Jason Falco. Perhaps she will get to have a bit of fun after all. Jason on the other hand is not the all American guy that he seems to be. He is a shape shifter, and he is looking for that special someone, and Merry seems to be all that and more.Merry is sweet, it is hard not to like her. Jason is a hunk, and lusting after her. But who said romance was easy? Throw in a paparazzi in search of a story and their fling can turn ugly. That reporter, grrr, did not like her, and that was the only time I thought Merry was too sweet, at the same time, it was the right thing to do. Do not worry she has got claws too.Jason wants something more, because he needs something more when he is a shifter, romance can be a bit hard, not to mention sex. He can't fall too hard to a girl, because he, he mates for life. Something you have to love in a guy.Did someone say sex, oh yes, Ashlyn Chase has previously written erotic romances, and trust me, she knows what she is doing, and there is some mind-blowing passion in here. For a sweet contemporary paranormal romance there is bed action too. Fear not.Then there are the tenants. Oh they are the best. Jason's aunt who calls the cops all the time, such a busy-body. The scary looking guy in the basement who is obviously a vampire. Konrad, who does seem to have some werewolf tendencies, Nathan who surely has something going on too. Chad, your friendly neighbourhood ghost *coughs* or should I say your annoying neighbourhood ghost who wants to keep his bachelor pad and haunts it. Then there are two witches upstairs who seems to be having mind-blowing sex all the time, or? This is not your average sort of building.I liked the witches, they were fun. I hope to see Nathan find a girl one day, even if he does not want it, and I have a sneaking suspicion who Konrad might fall for. And there is Chad, oh yes annoying Chad, lol, but have to love him too. He wants to find out who killed him and so this book is also a mystery when they try to find his killer. Now where was I, yes there is romance, hot passion, an aunt trying to snoop around, fun tenants, and some shocking details about certain persons promised. All is not how it seems, but then by reading about the tenants I am sure you guessed that so far.Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: It looks cute and funReason for reading: From the publisherFinal thoughts: A fun paranormal with romance, and passion promised.