A Werewolf in Manhattan (Wild About You Series #1)

A Werewolf in Manhattan - Vicki Lewis Thompson My thoughts:Aww, the book was really sweet and cute, and with some hot passion too. Emma spends most of her time writing, and having sex sometimes with her boring boyfriend. She is sure not living the passionate life of her heroines. And I did start to think that she needed that. Aiden Wallace is the big wolf of the story, he takes care of security for the pack and he is wealthy as sin. His future does not involve a human, but oh how attracted he is to her. Sparks are flying and he can't almost not control himself.The book has this sweet vibe that I really enjoyed. Then there is some drama because of a stalker, and of course the whole "how do you know about weres" situation. Top that with some mind-blowing passion, because it becomes evident that these two are meant to be.One problem, that wasn't really a problem, but still annoyed me a tad was that when she found out that everything was true (no spoiler there cos come on), she wanted to know more and to write..right, when your life could possible be in danger? I would kind of have said, ok, and then started to write about vamps ;) But then that was also good of her. Emma was strong and she did not back down.Final thoughts and recommendation:I do think this one becomes a 3,75 cos it was just so darn cute, and I would recommend it to paranormal romance lovers. The book is more light and humour mixed with passion, and this concept sure worked well for me. I enjoyed this tale and I would like to read more.